September Book Club: Treachery in Bordeaux

13932673_10100706117841342_679758531846614157_nThis was a venture into territory I wasn’t particularly comfortable in: wine. Originally I had picked a different book but I switched it out to this one because I thought it had too much historical details. I regretted my decision halfway through this book when I realized there was barely a plot (the fact that the book was as thin as an elementary school reading book should have been a dead giveaway). The best thing about the book was that it was very short.

The reason I had picked this theme was that I wanted to theme it with an outing to our local vineyard: Grace Hill Winery. An interesting place with a nice event room that would have been perfect for our wedding (had I known about it then). There was also a lovely view from the rooftop patio, where we ate our potluck lunch and discussed the book. I’m definitely a fan of themed book club events!

For a wine drinker, this book would have been an interesting introduction to a bit of history on wine country in France. The Billionaire’s Vinegar, which was my second pick, goes into it in much more detail and I felt was a more appropriate book for those who are interested in learning about wine. My first pick was a weird one, which featured a detective story focused on a murder. The interesting thing about that book was that each chapter featured a recipe for a meal eaten by characters in that chapter with a suggestion for a wine pairing. The book setting was in a vineyard in California I believe. The story was a bit amateurish, but seemed more fleshed out compared to Treachery in Bordeaux.

All in all, I do not recommend this book. The plot was very thin. It centered around the sabotage of a vineyard’s current stock of wine, and the motive for the sabotage was pretty disappointing. Even the reveal was anti climactic and I didn’t feel like we got to know any of the characters very well. In fact, the story was a non-story. I felt like it could have been written out as a 2 page essay and conveyed pretty much the same thing. During our discussion of the book, we wondered if some of the dryness and flatness of the plot was due to the fact that the book had originally been written in French and some of the flair and suspense been lost in translation.


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