July Book Club: Some Girls Bite

4447622This is not a book I would have ever chosen on my own. Let’s face it, I’m not a vampire loving kind of girl. Before the Twilight craze I would have been neutral towards the subject, but post-Twilight, it’s now cool to be all snobbish against it (all joking aside, I did watch the first movie and was kind of bored by the story, and the accounts of obvious emotional abuse in the book horrified me enough and my distaste for boring female characters was enough to turn me off from attempting to read it). So I approached this book with obvious ambivalence. And this is the best thing about a book club – books you never would have chosen to read that you end up actually liking.

It was a fun summer read and I was able to finish it in a few days, much faster than I usually read books these days (which tells you how much it sucked me in). I also really like that the main character is a kick ass female. Let’s face it, this genre reeks of the desperate female clinging on to the strong male to protect her from “ze evil ones”. Not so with this book. The author actually realized that women like reading about strong females and made her main character both mentally and physically very strong (I’m really not sure I would have remained sane, let alone taken on a leadership role, if I had been forcibly turned into a vampire). Her story resonated because she was a woman roughly my age, adjusting to life as an adult (who isn’t these days…sigh), when her life gets turned upside down by an unfortunate event.

I was not a fan of the main male character. However, he could have been written a lot worse (hint: more like Edward from Twilight), so I was at least grateful that the main female character put up some resistance to his charms.

Other than some of the writing being a bit odd (use of the word genuflecting used in everyday dialog took me aback given the casual tone of the rest of the book – mystery solved when I found out the author was an English major). I see a bit of a the first time writer influence (character has some resemblance to the author and embraces a few ideals which many women, author included I’m sure, aspire to), it was nonetheless a very compelling read. If you don’t mind some light fiction and vampires don’t completely turn you off, I’d recommend at least giving it a try.


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