2 books for the price of 1 meeting

Deborah Harkness The Book of Life

Image courtesy of GoodReads

Since we decided to skip the October 1 meeting due to lack of attendance, we are combining that book (because it’s so awesome!) with The Book of Life for our October 29 meeting (spookiness will ensue!). The second book was chosen to celebrate our Halloween theme (woooo!). It might be a loooong meeting –  so drink your coffee before coming!

To see details on where we meet, be sure to check up on the forum posts (see below if you aren’t a member yet)!

Check out our GoodReads plugin on the right to see the books we’ve read so far, are currently reading, and will be reading in the future (at least for the very recent future).

Forum is up! Check out our About Us page to see how to view posts (posts are view-able exclusively to members to protect their privacy). You can engage in lively discussions about who swoons over Michael, who wants to punch Baldwin in the you-know-where, why Diana is awesome, and why this is better than Twilight (or attack the Twilight defenders – you know who you are!).

You can also post a review of this book or any other book in the forum’s Book Review thread, which, with your permission, we’ll feature as a post on this blog.


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